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CAP 1st Edition

CAP 1st Edition is the most comprehensive book to cover the real production environment for CAD(computer aided drafting), CAM (computer aided machining) and CNC (computer numerical control) for CNC routers in both wood and plastics industry.

It is also the first "Tech" manual that explains the logistics of CAD/CAM/CNC and how they work together from hands on applications and perspectives. With the authors 17 years of experience to assist you in keeping a fresh and focused vision of your company's customized needs. This book dissolves myths, explaining the CNC world in down to earth examples and explanations, while challenging the reader to think outside of the box.

CAP 1st Edition is great for those who know nothing about the computerized machining world and are looking to invest in utilizing these great machines. This book can also be of immeasurable value for small companies, multi machine companies, training new operators, providing timesavers for veteran operators and provides organization for small and large goals to improve production, quality and communication.

CAP 1st Edition raises the bar on the fundamentals of what is expected from all entities involving CNC production in the wood and plastic industry.

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"Someone's needed to tackle this type of Tech Manual.
There's an Abundance of information blending CAD/CAM/CNC
into a single entity."

Greg, President, Courmatt International Inc.

"I wish I had this book six years ago, would have saved me months of headaches."
Andy, Programmer, USA Custom Guitars

"I dread reading boring Tech Manuals full of information that's not
explained, CAP was User Friendly and fun, I could visualize
the big and little pictures working together."
Maureen, Sales, Universal Saw and Tool

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